Top 5 Ways to Maintain Your Landscape in a Dry Climate

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Your landscape adds an appeal to your place. A well-maintained lawn is something that draws the attention of the guests first. Despite maintaining your garden or lawn regularly, you may see that the landscape is decaying. The limited water supply and the summertime draught can be a reason for that. But you can’t help it, neither can you change the rules, nor can you control the climate. What you can do is taking steps to keep your garden evergreen. With the proper irrigation service in OKC, you can maintain your landscape. Continue reading for a quick and useful guide.

  1. When you are creating your garden, you should have an idea about the dominant climate of your place. If the garden is fully exposed to the sun, partly shaded or fully shaded. What the soil type is and how it reacts to the heat. Ask the professionals of irrigation service in OKC to know the precautionary steps for each of the cases.
  2. Next comes the choice of the plants. Remember, you just can’t plant anything you love. Depending on the climate type you should choose the plants. For the dry areas, it is suggested to opt for heat tolerant plants. You can pick hummingbird bush, butterfly bush, succulents, Roemer’s false indigo, tall grasses, cactus etc. These are for the garden, for the lawn, you can get Rye Grass, Bermuda Grass, Seashore Paspalum etc. There are many more options for the heat tolerant plants, to know more about you can take help of the experts.
  3. Other plants you can choose are the plants that attract pollinators. The experts of the irrigation service in OKC recommend that it is good for balancing the healthy ecosystem in the garden.
  4. Watering is the most important task you have to perform regularly to maintain your lawn. But there are some rules.
    • Do not waste water by watering in the rainy season. Keep an eye to the weather forecast.
    • Excess water can make your plants rot. Therefore, water it when it is needed.
    • While watering, drench the plants and the garden with water.
    • It is better to water the plants before sunrise and after sunset. It prevents evaporation.
  5. It is better to opt for the combination of native and adaptive plants. This is the perfect way to maintain the ecological balance regardless of any climate.
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If you find it difficult to perform the job on your own, you can seek the help of the irrigation service in OKC from Gabino Lawn & Landscaping.