The Best Tips to Conserve Water In the Garden


The preservation of natural resources is our responsibility, and water is among those important resources. Many cities have restricted water usage is for preservation. This restriction also helps in fighting drought or similar situations.

But how can you manage your garden if water usage is limited? Your garden can be maintained well if you water wisely or get help from a reputed irrigation service in OKC. Here are some proven ways to maintain your garden without wasting water.

Selecting the Right Plants

You need to be little choosy while planning your garden when water is a restraint. You must select plants that can cope with dry weather. These are called drought-resistant plants. Aloe vera, sedums, cacti, verbena, yucca, Russian sage, oleander, etc. belong to this category. They consume little water and are capable of fighting drought.

It is better to choose smaller plants over large ones. Though large plants make the yard cooler and support water retention, they use much more water than smaller plants. Therefore, to save water, choose small plants over large ones.

Preserving the Soil’s Moisture

This is one of the best ways to conserve water in the garden. It is better to keep the soil cool and moist than to keep it bare. Therefore, you can use mulch. This material is laid over the garden surface to lock in the moisture and make the garden look attractive. Mulch can be made of gravel, wood chips, dry leaves, etc.

Often, mulch is naturally created under large trees. If the garden soil remains cool and moist, the need for water will be less. You can contact an irrigation service in OKC to learn more about mulch.


Keeping a Watering Schedule

Maintaining a schedule for watering your garden can be beneficial for both the plants and water conservation. It is said that the best time to water the garden is in the early morning or in the evening, so that the plants can absorb the water before it is evaporated by the sun. If you are a late riser, you can contact an irrigation service in OKC to ensure your garden gets watered on time.


Collecting Rainwater

If you place a container at the mouth of a gutter spout, you will be able to save rainwater. This will be a ready source of water for your plants that is natural and won’t disturb the restricted use of water.


The water you use for household chores can be recycled to water the plants of your garden. For example, you can save the water left over from steaming and boiling vegetables and pour it on your garden after it cools.

Selecting the Right Planter or Container

Any planter you use should be the perfect size to allow room for the plants’ growth, but it should not be too big to absorb more water than needed. A terra-cotta pot is the best choice, as it keeps the soil cool and moist. Metal pots should be avoided, as they can heat up easily and stimulate evaporation.

Checking the Weather Forecast

Plan your watering schedule according to the weather forecast. If it is going to rain soon, it is better to let the rain do its job, so that you can save water for the next day.

Removing Weeds

Besides affecting the aesthetics of the garden, weeds also cause harm by taking water from the soil that is meant for the growth of your garden plants.

An irrigation service in OKC can help you out by rooting out the weeds with machines.

Using Stones

If you build a stone path along the garden bed, it will help you conserve rainwater by collecting it and letting it be absorbed by the soil.

If the entire task of conserving water seems to be a hassle for you, contact an irrigation service in OKC to let them take care of it on your behalf.

You cannot preserve water alone; your neighborhood should also be conscious about it. Now that you understand more about conserving water in your garden, you can make your neighbors aware of these ideas.