Rejuvenate Lawn Irrigation after Winter in Oklahoma City

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The arrival of spring means it’s the time to get outside and explore the outdoors again. The freezing cold may have snatched all the beauty of your lawn and landscape and you need to rebuild it. Therefore, fixing your focus on a good irrigation system would be fine to regain the charm of your yard.

All it needs is a little bit of maintenance to make your place look colorful in the summer. If it is a hectic job for you after winter, your best bet is to hire a professional irrigation service in OKC to perform the job.

irrigation service okc

Here are some tips for you to make the yard greener again.

  1. If you have winterized your lawn beforehand, you need to de-winterize it now. This is the opposite of sprinkler blowout where you push the water out. The process needs pumping the air out of the irrigation system.
  2. Depending on your region, take step towards the maintenance of your lawn. Spring does not arrive at the same time to every part of the United States. You can start the process if you live in Oklahoma City as it does not remain cold like the northern part of the country. If so, wait for the fall season to end and start irrigation afterward.
  3. Check whether your sprinkler is functioning or not. The temperature when below 320F can freeze it and damage it severely. Check before using it and replace the filter if needed.
  4. In case you don’t have a sprinkler or have a damaged one, you can call for the irrigation service in OKC to take care of the lawn or get your own sprinkler. Before choosing the right sprinkler for you, consult the experts to find out the most suitable one.
  5. According to the fertility level of your yard, you may choose the irrigation type. You should have a clear idea of the best irrigation service for your lawn and for that you can consult irrigation professionals in OKC. Your line and sprinkler heads will also vary with the type of irrigation you are going to choose.
  6. Drainage is the most essential part to maintain a healthy lawn. If the excess water fails to be drained properly, it will ruin the roots and the plants can rot. Instead of increasing the beauty of your lawn, it will worsen it.
irrigation service okc

Gabino Landscaping can offer you their professional irrigation service in the Oklahoma City area. Give us a call and get a quote for keeping your lawn beautiful.