Mulching: Why it is the Best Way to Maintain Your Garden?

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After the winter, when spring finally arrives with all its color and fragrance, you should be ready for your yard to bloom. Landscaping is a popular way to add more definition to your garden. The Chilling weather makes your garden and landscape lifeless, therefore, you need to start preparing for when Spring comes around again.

The reputable landscaping services in OKC suggests mulch as an excellent option for gardening and landscaping. After winter this is first step people take to decorate their garden again. It has several benefits apart from increasing the aesthetics of the garden. Continue reading this blog for useful information on mulch.

What Is Mulch?

Mulch is a soil cover for your backyard or garden. The material can be anything from hard elements like stones and pebbles to soft ones like straw.

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What Are the Types of Mulch?

There are two major types of mulch, organic and inorganic. The organic mulch consists of natural materials such as compost, wood bark, grass, wood chips, shredded wood, and straw, whereas the inorganic ones incorporate stones, gravels and pebbles. Both are helpful and beneficial for maintaining your landscape. You can ask the experts of landscaping services in OKC to choose the right one for your backyard. The organic mulch has the most nutritional value for your garden soil, whereas the inorganic just provides a layer of protection.

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Why Applying a Mulch?

Altogether, if done correctly, there are several considerable benefits to having mulch applied to your landscaping. To help you understand these better, you will find several of them listed below.

  • Mulching prevents soil erosion. No matter the weather, mulching will help the soil to hold its place. Any high wind and rain will not affect the mulched soil as much as it would if exposed.
  • It is very important to help preserve the moisture in the soil. This helps the plants to survive. Protecting the soil from direct heat and sunlight, mulching helps in retaining the inner moisture. Because of this protection, you may only have to water now and then for the quick-dried soil to be moisturized.
  • During the Winter season, it is very possible for the soil to lose heat. It may create added stress for the plants. Mulching helps to maintain the temperature the soil needs.
  • Before beginning the mulching process, you need to uproot any weeds before they can cause a problem for the soil. Aggressive weeds are destructive and can take over the landscape, the landscaping services in OKC can help you take care of this for you.

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Mulching requires an expert hand and the material and quantities required should be decided by a professional for the best results. For affordable and skilled landscaping services in OKC contact Gabino Landscaping.