Lawn Maintenance: Six Highly Recommended Tips

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When summer nears, it’s time to pay extra attention to your lawn. Who doesn’t want a well-maintained, green lawn to accentuate the charm of the place? Regardless of whether you have a large or small lawn, you can earn praise from visitors if you maintain it well. You can perform the job on your own, or you can hire professional landscaping services in OKC. Either way, here are some important lawn maintenance tips to consider.

Avoid Compaction

To prevent compaction and aerate the soil, push a garden fork into the soil and move it back and forth to open up the soil and let the roots breathe. This is important for grass growth and to avoid bare patches that may turn into a mud bath. If you have clay ground, brush sharp sand into the holes. This will improve the drainage and prevent further compaction.

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Feeding is important

Grass cannot go out and collect food on its own. To make your lawn greener, you need to feed the grass seeds. You can use fertilizer prior to rain so that the excess will be washed out. Otherwise, water the lawn to make it look greener and fuller. The experts in landscaping services in OKC recommend feeding twice a year: in the spring and summer.

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Mow Regularly

The mower plays a significant role in maintaining a lawn. A mower with sharp blades will encourage roots to spread, fill the gaps and block out weeds. It will make the lawn greener and healthier.

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Maintain the edges

The lawn will look clean and compact when you maintain the edges of it. The grass growing along the borders should be stopped, otherwise the edges will look clumsy. Generally, landscaping services in OKC use long-handled shears to perform this job.

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Fill Bare Patches

Nothing looks worse than bare patches in your lawn. At the time of reshaping the lawn, you may collect and place the grass strips in a seed tray. After growing them outside, take the whole lot and plant them in the bare patches. Mow one or two days after planting them.

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Water Regularly

It is needless to state the importance of water for a plant. Therefore, watering is also crucial for maintaining a lawn. It is recommended by most landscaping services in OKC to water the lawn regularly. In hot weather, use a sprinkler in the early morning or late evening to evenly water the lawn.

These are the basic tips that almost all landscaping services in OKC follow to provide their customers with beautiful, healthy lawns. Gabino Landscaping can take care of all your lawn and garden needs. We’re just a call away!