The Key to Maintaining a Beautiful Landscape

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No matter how enchanting your landscape is, the addition of a lawn is always considered a cherry on the top. A well-maintained lawn with lush green grass soothes your eyes and creates a healthy environment for your family. However, the word “maintenance” plays an important role here. The lawn needs some basic care, which includes watering, planting new grass seeds, routine trimming, etc. The situation becomes worse during times of drought.

Here are some ways to maintain a beautiful landscape and save your lawn from turning brown. But if you’re short on time, just call Gabino’s for reliable landscaping services in OKC.

Dealing With the Climate

You can’t do anything about the scorching summer heat invading your city. However, you can prevent it from affecting your lawn. You can hire landscaping services in OKC to provide a draught saving service for your lawn, but it is important for you to know some basics:

Knowing your climate is the first step of maintaining your lawn. The rain and sunlight affect your lawn, so you must pay attention to how much sunlight and rain your lawn is getting. If your lawn is receiving too much sunlight, you may consider installing a retractable and portable shade.

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Choosing Grass Seed and Other Plants

If you struggle with the problem of too little rainfall, you can plant drought-tolerant plants in your yard. Some examples include hummingbird bush, cactus, butterfly bush, Roemer’s false indigo and ornamental grasses. For the lawn, you can choose among buffalo grass, rye grass, Bermuda grass, seashore paspalum, and many more.

Including pollinator plants in your landscape is also a good idea. Beneficial insects will be attracted to your plants and contribute toward maintaining the proper balance of the ecosystem. That is good for your lawn too.

For the beauty of the garden, native plants would be a great choice. These can cut watering costs and add vibrant colors to your yard. Similar to native plants, adaptive plants can also be included on your list. These plants will thrive in the climate and soil of your landscape, and they are not invasive.

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Watering is the most important part of maintaining a lawn, but remember that there is a proper way to do it. The exact process depends on the supply of adequate water and the climate of your area.

  • When you water, make sure to thoroughly drench the soil. This deep watering ensures that plenty of water reaches the roots and thus the rest of the plant.
  • Keep a regular watering schedule. The best idea is to water the area before sunrise, so that the plants have time to soak up the water before the sun evaporates it.
  • Always consider the weather before you water. Don’t waste water if it is going to rain.
  • Drowning the lawn with water is not a good idea. Watering should be done only when the soil is dry. Watering when the soil and plants are already wet can end up destroying the plants.
  • If you can’t water regularly, let Gabino’s landscaping services in OKC handle it.

The job of maintaining your yard can be tiresome and requires a lot of observation. The next step is dependent on the present situation. However, expert advice can make it easier. Choose the best landscaping services in OKC to care for your lawn so you have more time to enjoy it.