Five Solutions For Keeping Your Pool Clean And Healthy


People often remark that life is like a swimming pool: You can dive into the water, but you can’t see how deep it is. Despite having a serious meaning, this statement makes having a pool at your home even more desirable. Swimming pools at home require appropriate cleaning and maintenance to ensure pleasure and make fine living feasible. This post will help readers understand not just the importance of maintaining a swimming pool at home but turning it into the most happening hangout as well.

Professional swimming pool services in Oklahoma City include an array of offerings like that of skimming, cleaning, checking, repairing and maintaining the pool with expertise and through a proper procedure. Having a pool at home can be pleasing and absolutely luxurious, but having a pool in a dirty and unhygienic condition is nothing less than a disaster. Moreover, it is always prudent on the part of pool owners to rely on the experienced service providers for both mending and maintaining the swimming pools in order to avoid hassle and painstaking effort. The following points will help you understand pool maintenance and nurture your idea of having a sparkling clean swimming pool.

Cleaning the Filter

A quality swimming pool service often completely dismantles the filter to ensure deep cleaning even if you have a fitted backwash valve system. Some pool filters have a sand filter and a cartridge filter that need to be taken apart for cleaning. In contrast, D.E. filters, or Diatomaceous Earth filters, can be backwashed two or three times but should be fully deconstructed at regular intervals. You have to be careful to prevent any D.E. powder accumulation inside your pool equipment. Swimming pool services in Oklahoma City will offer to extend the backwash plumbing or install some sort of hose to backwash D.E., keeping your pool machinery zone at bay. The same goes for dirt or plants like ivy growing over your equipment, so a good service provider will at least take note of this.

Checking the Alkalinity and Conditioning Levels

Apart from the general OTO and PH levels, alkalinity and conditioner levels inside the swimming pool also play a decisive role in determining the overall health and hygiene of the pool. A high conditioner level will lead to poor alkalinity scores, which will in turn corrode metals such as copper plumbing with time. Even if you do not have copper plumbing in your swimming pool, don't forget the heater made of copper. The replacement of or any repair pertaining to a leaking heat exchanger is bound to make incur high costs. Swimming pool services in Oklahoma City always opt for the best solution to retain the accurate alkalinity and conditioner levels in the swimming pool.

Checking the Latest Trends and Equipment

Staying up-to-date with current trends is the master key to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and face the world. Swimming pool services in Oklahoma City are determined to make you aware of the latest research and products that could prove helpful in your pool maintenance programs. Also, things like discount offers and rebates from the manufacturer or from another sources, such as your utility company, are best acknowledged by the pro-service experts.

Tools for Emergencies

Swimming pool services in Oklahoma City provide quality service with trained technicians who always carry a few tools in the truck to meet any emergency situations. At a minimum, they bring a few screwdrivers, some wrenches and a rag with good lubricant to fix up o-rings. Some technicians visit with things like a bottle of carbon dioxide to blow out plumbing lines; a manometer to check the pressure; basic PVC or copper pipe fitting instruments like extra o-rings, pump seals, some heater and remote control manuals; and a few other specialized instruments like a motor shaft wrench and a backwash valve puller. Often, pool maintenance workers do not have enough space for these tools and accessories in their boxes because of all the indispensable chemicals and cleaning equipment.

General Liability Insurance or a Bond

Swimming pool services in Oklahoma City have a provision for general liability toward any mechanical or chemical damage to your pool. This is the most important aspect regarding maintenance service for pools, as any chances of wear and tear during the process are eliminated with professionalism and care.