FAQs on Sprinklers: Is It Worth the Investment?

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Summertime is a fun time if you take all necessary precautions beforehand. The most important thing for summer is water and hydration. We all get dehydrated very easily and so we need to consume a sufficient amount of water to avoid this; plants are no different. Your lawn adds more charm to your home if maintained correctly. In contrast, dry yellow grass decreases its beauty. Therefore, when summer is the season, be sure you have enough water supply for your lawn to keep it looking green and healthy.

A sprinkler is a very useful tool provided by the irrigation service in OKC. It can be installed in your lawn, making you no longer a slave of the clock to water your plants. When it comes to a sprinkler, there are several questions that come to mind. Here in this blog, you will find answers for all your frequently asked questions about sprinklers.

How long does it take to install a sprinkler?

Depending on the sort of service you are getting, the required time will be estimated, however, generally the installation of a sprinkler does not take more than an hour.

Is my presence needed for installation?

Until we need access to the inside water line and the timer, you don’t need to be present. Mostly, you can just arrive, give access to the water line and the professionals will handle the rest.

irrigation service okc

Will the lawn be messed up with the installation?

No. The reputable irrigation service in OKC uses the latest equipment to help tunnel the pipe underground. Because of this, it will not mess up your lawn. Conversely, having lots of stone on the lawn may make it untidy. The placement of the stones will be changed for the installation. However, the damages from this can be repaired easily.

Is it breakable by the lawn mower?

Don’t worry about it. The sprinklers are made of plastic and the lawn mower cannot harm it in anyway.

With proper maintenance, the sprinkler usually lasts a long time. If you get the sprinkler from a reputable irrigation service in OKC, you can expect it to last at least 30 years.

How to maintain a sprinkler?

To maintain the sprinkler, you need to perform a checkup regularly. The sprinkler head has to tolerate the lawn mower, soil shifting, and regular wear and tear, so it should be inspected and replaced at regular intervals. It is recommended to keep any debris away from the sprinkler and before its regular use each year, flush the system thoroughly. Contact the professionals of irrigation service in OKC to get more accurate guidance.

irrigation service okc

What are the various types of sprinkler?

There are several types of sprinkler available from the Irrigation Service in OKC. Below, find the sprinklers trending in 2018.

  • A traditional sprinkler has its head above ground, installed at the same level of the soil.
  • Sprinklers where you can adjust the way water is sprinkling by altering the head.
  • A fixed sprinkler where the head cannot be adjusted.
  • A rotating sprinkler where the head rotates automatically.
  • A micro sprinkler, for a smaller and less noticeable sprinkler.

For better irrigation service in OKC and installation of a sprinkler call the experts at Gabino Lawn & Landscape.