Lawn Maintenance Tips and Advice for Autumn


It is a well-known fact among the turf care experts in Oklahoma City that to keep a healthy and green lawn, one needs to take very good care of it during the fall. There is no doubt that autumn is the right time to start with all the lawn treatment activities.

According to landscaping services experts in OKC, September is the perfect time to start with lawn care, since the soil temperature still remains warm, which stimulates the growth of the grass.

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Here are few lawn care tips that you should use right now:

1.    Start by removing the leaves – Fall is all about colorful leaves lying on the ground, which looks extremely beautiful. Well, the bed of colorful leaves might look breathtaking, but they are no good for the green grass. Leaves block light from reaching the turf. So as soon as you see the leaves are falling, you need to clean them up quickly.

2.    Mow your lawn – You need to bring out the mower as soon as autumn arrives. Grass will keep on growing until you trim it down to a decent height. Ideally, you should keep the height of the grass to 3 inches. Regular mowing will keep grass healthy.

3.    Don’t give up on watering – Most people stop watering this time of year, thinking nature will do its part. But watering is important to keep the grass roots healthy and well hydrated.

4.    Relax the soil – Weeds, moss and other debris form a layer just above the soil’s surface. This thick layer is known as thatch, which neither lets turf breathe, nor lets water penetrate the surface. Thatch helps diseases spread in the garden. You need to remove thatch properly. Dig holes through the thatch so that you can add fertilizer.

5.    Spread seeds – Autumn is the best time of the year in OKC to start spreading seeds on the turf, as the weather is just perfect for this job. The seeds will fill in the bare spots. Seeding is one of the most challenging lawn treatment chores. You need to properly check whether the seeds are in full contact with the soil or not and keep it moist enough until they germinate.

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Taking care of the lawn is not easy; everything has to be done properly and at the right time. You need to maintain a schedule of lawn care tasks. For example, if you fertilize too late, the grass roots will not absorb the nutrients and won’t grow healthy. If you start seeding late, the grass will remain tender and won’t survive.

Fall is the perfect time to take care of the lawn. If you are hard-pressed for time, you can always seek the help of landscaping services in OKC, they will get the job done for you. It is completely up to you to keep your lawn healthy and growing.